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Esra Akkaya Cast tweets

Cloyd Rivers

If you don't think huntin' and fishin' are real sports, you can go on back to Euroland. This here is Merica. Blast 'em and cast 'em.


7 years ago

John Green

The awesome support group cast with @shailenewoodley and @natandalex. http://t.co/GhgziliEEU


7 years ago

Al Yankovic

So excited to be in the cast of Breaking Bad: The Next Generation! http://t.co/RnC6XO8M8S


7 years ago

What The F*** Facts

Sir Patrick Stewart was almost cast to play Gandalf but turned the role down because he wasn't fond of the script.


7 years ago

Dan Snierson

'Breaking Bad' cast and Vince Gilligan drop hints about the finale: 'It's going to be emotionally exhausting' http://t.co/lVeeVaq5Fg


7 years ago

Breaking Bad

#SayMyName. Season 5 Episode 7 is on NOW! Watch and see more cast portraits: http://t.co/8dwUnFKwNt #GoodbyeBreakingBad


7 years ago

Darren Criss

And the equation is balanced. It really was indeed all in the chemistry. A huge BRAVO to the whole cast, crew, & production of #BreakingBad


7 years ago