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Excess Sebum tweets

Facial Co.

ThalgoMen Cleansing Gel is a gentle foaming gel designed to rid the skin of toxins and excess sebum http://t.co/24HM8LnHw3


4 years ago

Shiseido Canada

Daily shaving damages skin + excess sebum causes stickiness. These factors weaken the stratum corneum, making it susceptible to roughness.


4 years ago


Ishihara Shoten Oil Blotting Paper instantly absorbs excess sebum, leaving your skin clean and fresh. http://t.co/c5SzrCeDI3


4 years ago


Can you recommend a shampoo for a scalp with excess sebum BUT also dry, frizzy, curly hair?I have hair that va... http://t.co/mEcLkjo627


4 years ago

Bellina Tse

Try rolling a small ball of rice over your face to get rid of excess sebum and dirt. Rice contains vitamin B3, B1, and B6. #greenbeauty


4 years ago

mr Maverick

That is just going to cause excess sebum. I can't take greasy foods


4 years ago