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Expired Premium Domains tweets

Jennette McCurdy

This government shutdown is coming at a most inconvenient time for me. I was gonna go to the uk tomorrow & my passport expired. Really, gov?


5 years ago

Abby Martin

Congress shuts down gov & 800k ppl w/out pay to protest healthcare, yet Reps still get full pay w premium healthcare coverage. #charlatans


5 years ago


ObamaCare is a war on the young. This interactive map shows the health insurance premium increases in all 50 states. http://t.co/VFEa2OWthn


5 years ago

샤이니 월드 SHINee World

[SCAN] SHINee WORLD J PREMIUM Magazine 'SEEK' Vol. 002 (+94P) (107P total) http://t.co/qy6Eun9t86


5 years ago

Amanda Carpenter

NC man is notified his $228/month plan is gone, BCBS tells him comparable plan is now $1,208 a month! http://t.co/gPvObalLyE


5 years ago


Premium Member's MVP: Carlitos Tevez!! #InstaJuve http://t.co/fLk5BkVcYW


5 years ago

Larry Elder

The $175 monthly price Obamacare "poster boy" says he'll be paying is almost 4 times higher than before. http://t.co/szG92OqFf7


5 years ago