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Eyes Wide Shut Lilly Sorbet tweets

♔Sorry Not Sorry♔

burger king changed their name to fries king the government shut down im still ugly what has the world come to


7 years ago

Sincerely Tumblr

some cute person just winked at me with both eyes at the same time


7 years ago

Mayday Parade Lyrics

But compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright and when we look to the sky, its not mine, but i want it so


7 years ago

Barack Obama

The decision to shut down the government is hurting local economies all across the country: http://t.co/5WuCkGDBCu #EnoughAlready


7 years ago


America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode? (Recommended) RT @cshallwriter


7 years ago

Cloyd Rivers

Word of the day: Obama.The government is shut down, so I'm gonna get a case of beer and drink it Obama-self. Merica.


7 years ago

The Notebook

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.


7 years ago