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Fabricant Poele A Bois tweets

Scooter Braun

In generations to come you may not be remembered but your legacy can be felt, your efforts can take effect. Make a change! Leave your mark!


6 years ago

Justin Bieber

make sure you get the @MadisonElleBeer video on itunes also. it stars @itsRyanButler . he is a legend. #melodies


6 years ago


I went on Omegle and had a dance party with lots of you! Remember to click Like and comment 'twitter sent me' http://t.co/hlCd8pCKMY


6 years ago


"A god". But then he's made out to be ridiculous for wanting to be at an even higher level of self confidence."


6 years ago

Ariana Grande

so tomorrow i'm gonna come on & check the #arianatorshelparianators tag and come chat / follow for a bit.. seriously so sweeeet of you guys!


6 years ago

Calum Hood

.@nxrrys5sos heard you've been going through a tough time. Stay strong sweetie! x


6 years ago

how to kiss a boy: - grab his waist - slip your hand in his pocket - steal his wallet - dont even kiss him - just run


6 years ago