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Facial Anti Ridule tweets

Because I'm a Guy

When a girl is telling you something and you sit there and have facial expressions like you're listening, but not really hearing a word.


5 years ago

Glenn Greenwald

UK detains an anti-drone activist with Reprieve at the airport under its so-called "anti-terrorism" statute http://t.co/QW8RelX1DX


5 years ago


Uganda has an “Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce” due to the amount of people being killed by witch-doctors.


5 years ago

Glenn Beck

.@SenTedCruz is making my 4 hours of broadcasting a day look easy! #StandWithCruz against Obamacare. #MakeDCListen http://t.co/I5SKcZNh6O SJ


5 years ago

Scooter Braun

Honored to be a part of the #social25 here in LA tonight. Hoping my mom will finally see I'm not anti social :)


5 years ago

Life Pro Tips

Some people aren't actually anti social, they're just very selective when it comes to the people they associate with.


5 years ago

Libra Astrology

If a #Libra is being anti-social it's usually by choice, We turn on like a light switch when it's time though.


5 years ago