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Facts Aboutthe Benefits Of Lanolin tweets

Nancy Pelosi

Make no mistake, a #GOPshutdown would jeopardize WIC benefits for pregnant women, infants and young children: http://t.co/cxzZsFuHYv


7 years ago

OMG Facts

Donkey Kong is actually Mario's pet. He kidnapped Peach as a revenge for Mario abusing him! --> http://t.co/NIHz8wYqWi


7 years ago

Female Problems

4 Horrible Facts: Today is not Friday. Tomorrow is not Friday. The day after Tomorrow is not Friday. Even the day after that is not Friday.


7 years ago

BBC News (UK)

Long-term unemployed will have to go on work placements in return for benefits, chancellor to say http://t.co/CHDLM1Ut6t


7 years ago


There are only 14 kisses mentioned in Jane Austen's novels. More fascinating facts for Janeites here: http://t.co/uHipyy7AFZ


7 years ago

Jon Lovett

Hey Republican House staffers writing press releases and talking points about taking away your own health care benefits, is that weird?


7 years ago


Dogs or Cats - Which Make Better Pets? Here's 8n Reasons Dogs Come Out On Top! http://t.co/uAsJXTjLKF


7 years ago