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Family Dentistry Vaughan On tweets

Jeremy Bieber

Checkout the Bieber family bobble heads @bobbleheadcan #swaggy http://t.co/HKWAPkzuYe


5 years ago

Bill Clinton

Thinking today of Michael Schumacher and grateful for all he's done w/@clintonfdn and for others. My prayers are with him and his family.


5 years ago


Season 9 of Keeping Up airs January 19th!!! Who's excited?! #Life #Love #kuwtk #family http://t.co/fAvsKQNcMX


5 years ago

Connor Franta

family game night = blood may be shed


5 years ago

It's A Teen Thing!

Dear family, just because I'm laughing while I'm reading a text, does not mean I'm flirting with someone.


5 years ago


God, Because of you I am thankful for each and everyday, & for the things in life that I have, especially my family.


5 years ago

Lil B From The Pack

I want to protect and heal your family.. I will use the powers of hip hop for right. I have no alterior motive or agenda except love - Lil B


5 years ago