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Famous Italian Restaurants In New York tweets

Elizabeth Windsor

American Government started to shut down. Not sure what the fuss is. Italian Government shut down about 40 years ago and no one's noticed.


7 years ago

Connor Franta

NEW @Our2ndLife Video! "Being Famous" >>> http://t.co/7vaX7ywqjC


7 years ago


Famous architects dressed as their buildings at the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects annual ball. New York, 1931 http://t.co/jkZ3FPssft


7 years ago

NFL Memes

Pretty much sums it up for the New York "Football" Giants.. http://t.co/FMOcLhZo4F


7 years ago

Fake SportsCenter

Obama says he plans to seek advice from the New York Giants, who have been shut down for over a month.


7 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

And how can I forget to say I love you in Italian......the language of love ...... TI AMO


7 years ago


NBA announces 2016 All-Star game will be played in Toronto. The game will be in New Orleans this season and New York in 2015.


7 years ago