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Fastest Isp tweets

Sergio Félix

ISP #priceless recommendation "get outside and holler when you see one of our cars, that's the fastest way to get your internet installed".


5 years ago


Back in my day the fastest modem was 14.4 and the best ISP was AOL 2.0 on Windows 3.1 http://t.co/qfzbzANv


5 years ago

Jacobo Arbenz 寂

Which isp offers the fastest Interdimensional Data Flows? Can't be Time Warner, they are controlled by reptilians that feed on ignorance


5 years ago

orang indonesia

RT @JonathanSeals: What ISP has the fastest internet in the Phoenix/Tempe area?


5 years ago

Jonathan Seals

What ISP has the fastest internet in the Phoenix/Tempe area?


5 years ago

Steven Mather

Looks like BT or Eclipse are fastest non virgin ISP. I'm next to exchange should get 22meg but when with O2 got 12m on average.


5 years ago

Dr. Wolfgang H Thome

That #DownWithThisFruit pretender of a working ISP has gone all fruit cake again ... Fastest? No. Furthest? No. Rotten? YEZZZ


5 years ago