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Fear And Desire tweets

Fascist Optic

There Are 2 Entrances to The City of The Human Soul : Fear and Desire............Dione Fortune


6 years ago

priyesh barot

RT @CaMjOb97: Really give city a tough time, not fear them! Go for the win! Play with passion and desire! We can do it! #MUFC


6 years ago

Title Store

Dig an existential war flick a la Full Metal Jacket? Dig Kubrick? Then Fear and Desire is for you #xmasideas http://t.co/NJV6Ap5j


6 years ago

Alearn lennox mungai

"When evil desire finds you armed with the fear of God and the determined to resist, it will flee far away from you.” – Hermas, the Shepherd


6 years ago

unprivate diary

There are two things in life that motivate you, the fear of pain and the desire for pleasure. .....Theshan Alwis


6 years ago

Sarah Strickland

"We no longer desire and fear; we are what is desired and feared."


6 years ago

Teddy Locsin Jr.

@wawam @nirvadel But it answers the promiscuity fear, it cools desire and makes women smartly assess how lousy most men are in bed, etc.


6 years ago