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Samsung Camera Full Hd H200 tweets

Official Miley Team

Full performance of Wrecking Ball at the Village: https://t.co/DVvqr3cELN


6 years ago

成毛 眞

ただただJR北海道を叱るだけでは問題の本質は改善されないか- もしれない。JR北海道の連結売上は1650億円。ちなみにJ- R東日本は2兆5000億円。神奈川の相鉄HDですら2500- 億円だ。カバーしている地域は途方もなく広く、保守を妨げ... http://t.co/qLZkLv8hMk


6 years ago

CNN Breaking News

Nearly a full day after Kenyan mall attack began, gunmen and hostages still inside. http://t.co/BeaR5mJNSy #westgate #kot


6 years ago

Brick Tamland

Chief Keef had a 4.0 GPA and full ride scholarship to Northwestern University. Never judge a book by its cover. I also made this tweet up.


6 years ago

Manchester City FC

16. First blood to the Blues and what a strike! Kolarov's cross is met full force by Sergio who volleys home! City 1-0 United


6 years ago


Suspecting you've been overcharged, so making sure to frown as you insert your debit card and pay in full


6 years ago

Premier League

FULL-TIME Man City 4-1 Man Utd. Two from Aguero plus goals from Toure & Nasri seal a thumping win #MCIMUN http://t.co/DTObBa0JMS


6 years ago