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Film Filiere tweets

Adam Schefter

Cardinals S Rashad Johnson unsure when he lost top portion of his finger. Thinks it was on a punt return, but needs to watch film.


9 years ago

Yuna Zarai

Penggiat film kene faham apa tu 'licensing' and bukan pakai lagu milik orang sesuka hati. Thats how our rights as musicians terpelihara.


9 years ago

Cinema XXI

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 tayang mulai 24 September 2013. Detail film di http://t.co/E5iicra9jV http://t.co/f6PhAPsqxb


9 years ago


Originally, movie trailers would play after the feature film.


9 years ago

informasi Lengkap

Selama pembuatan film Fast & Furious 6, ada lebih dari 300 mobil yang rusak. #7d


9 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

Praying they make a new Twilight film!!!!! Anyone else a huge twilight fan??


9 years ago

Sawyer Hartman

Did yall see my new film Hijacked yesterday??? check it out and hit like for me if you would be so kind http://t.co/BXw3DOJdZ3 xoxoRT


9 years ago