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Groupon Deal Zakupy Grupowe tweets

Jared Padalecki

Check out what was on sale at Chapters!!! What a deal!!! http://t.co/kona2VGedw


6 years ago

Best of Scorpio

#Scorpio's can deal with pain far greater than yours.


6 years ago

Sky Sports Football

Robert Lewandowski has told the German media that he expects to confirm a switch to Bayern Munich in January. http://t.co/HnTf9LHnSY


6 years ago

Andy Borowitz

Disturbed Man Slips Past Senate Security, Gives 21-Hour Speech http://t.co/OYcPJmKjs2


6 years ago

Just so you Know

Breakups are hard to deal with because the body & mind goes through withdrawal -- Like drug addiction, we become addicted to love.


6 years ago

Darren Dreger

Confirming Cody Franson has agreed to a 1 yr, $2 mil dollar deal with the Leafs. Took far less, but got the 1 yr term he fought for.


6 years ago

Randall Cobb

"Life is10% what happens to u, 90% how u deal with what happens to u" -SH


6 years ago