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27 November Shirt tweets

Marissa Roskowske

Day 27: my pjs are my bball shorts from 6th grade and slippers. also a shirt lol. #november http://t.co/RDhNJBKJ


11 years ago

Julia Bilinski

Saw someone wearing a #Kony2012 shirt today, November 27, 2012. Is that still even a thing?


11 years ago

Shirts Make The Guy

Watch Out, @radiomaru! It's that one guy, a #ScottPilgrim shirt & an awesome birthday present! http://t.co/a3EyoQqO


11 years ago

Seth Dolezal

No Shave November : Day 27. My #BFM shirt still has more facial hair than I do....


11 years ago

Maria Teresa

Day 27 of @Twilight Shirt November! http://t.co/AoTE6PWB


11 years ago

Chris Doucette

Tuesday November 27 Elfy was chillin with our @jparencibia9 @greggzaun @Buck_Martinez and more signed shirt #elfy http://t.co/F9C9CaK3


11 years ago

Liam Fox

No shoes, No shirt, No Problems... except when you're in Nova Scotia on November 27


11 years ago