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Medico del chiste

Organize like a hero with this super app! Everything in one place - fitness, chores, notes, lists, projects! http://t.co/HVDI3rsYjS - sp


7 years ago

Alex Morgan

#USWNT in 4 days... Gotta get my fitness back, up early and on the field ready for a good sesh. #coffeekindofmorning


7 years ago

The Colbert Report

Congressional fitness center is still open during #shutdown. Wow, it is really hard to get out of a gym membership. http://t.co/bLgNQ83Yvh


7 years ago

Alain de Botton

'I want to improve my aerobic fitness' sounds very normal. 'I want to work on my empathy & forgiveness' sounds (sadly) strange.


7 years ago

FC Barcelona

Today's training session was a little different to usual. Find out what the first team players were doing http://t.co/oMb5K4Gx2s


7 years ago

Untold Secrets

Fitness is like a relationship. You can't cheat and expect it to work.


7 years ago

julia baird

Imagine if our fitness obsessed PM was Tina Abbott. Iron woman trips would be slammed as vanity, body and diet scrutinised, family pitied.


7 years ago