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Know a frontend web dev (HTML, CSS, JS) who wants to come and make internets with us in Brighton? Talk to us work@builtbybuffalo.com


10 years ago

Veerle Pieters

Interested in understanding CSS transforms better? Check out this great pen: http://t.co/qPkJXVy8rr /via @stubbornella


10 years ago

Chrome Developers

An early implementation of font load events (spec: http://t.co/gjRbqBnpTw) is available for testing: https://t.co/BAI2wE7oK7


10 years ago

Chris Coyier

SnappySnippet is pretty cool. Moves HTML/CSS from Chrome DevTools into CodePen :: http://t.co/6PAV7wsTVp


10 years ago

One Two - Panama.

Sera q el medico q ta en @treporta nunca se ha atendido en la CSS. Para el toda la salud esta bien. WTF marionetas q no ven la realidad.


10 years ago

グァンばれ (グァンPA)

(^_^)☆MW...CSS..오사카.라이브 3....화이팅.....!!!! http://t.co/9tIkNJeBfz


10 years ago

Rocio Giselle Quiros

3 anos para q una humilde señora tenga una cita de cardiologia en la CSS y asi el dir. Saez Llorens hace cuñas diciendo q todo ha mejorado


10 years ago