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Freebsd Display Process tweets

ian somerhalder

On puppy/mama watch-on couch next to our little pregnant one.Any hour now.A beautiful yet brutal process-reminds me-NO MORE PUPPY MILLS! ;)


6 years ago


Licking your wounds is actually beneficial - Compounds found in human saliva help speed up the healing process.


6 years ago

Manchester United

.@Ph1lj0nes says #mufc win was vital: “Backs against the wall, people raising questions, a display like that puts the record straight.”


6 years ago

Simon Pegg

Whether you agree with Greenpeace's methods are not, there is an injustice here which directly affects a dear friend. http://t.co/w3NAIKqmlO


6 years ago

b r i a

if u type in "tbh" into the search bar you get a free display of sea world http://t.co/QXMcPUKpil


6 years ago

Maria Popova

“Failure is a process…You have to fail over and over and over again to get anything that’s worthwhile.” Jules Feiffer http://t.co/jxp1p1QXnn


6 years ago

Snapchat Problems

I go from twitter to instagram to snapchat then back to twitter then instagram then snapchat, then lock my phone and repeat the process.


6 years ago