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Freedom On The Internet tweets

JobProd Java

RT @googledevs: Live in 15 minutes on GDL! All you need to know about internet freedom & the ITU https://t.co/nzfsotTm


6 years ago


RT... http://t.co/NHfxldFR #Freedom #Individual #INTERNET #MadeleineAlbright #News #RichardO'Dwyer #ShardulPandey #theworstmistake


6 years ago

Rise of Allah thrown

Egypt: because they have been wronged: America is violating their own laws, by taking away my right of freedom of speech on the internet.


6 years ago

Abiele Bernardo

Spending my first night of freedom on the internet and listening to the new One Direction album-Take Me Home,which is actually really good!


6 years ago

silvia migani

RT @buzhidao_e: I'm at blogger for democracy. I will have to leave early though cause the leaking on my roof doesn't care much about int ...


6 years ago

Matej ńĆelar

Read the words of one of the fathers of the #internet on the subject "Freedom of the internet" http://t.co/w5A0Q7G5 #ITU


6 years ago


Someone who is fighting for freedom on the internet. You cannot arrest him.


6 years ago