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Tobi @ Kampfkochbrigade

@SweetieAshe @CephiYumi Did someone say Freelance Astronauts?? HI I'M THE DEKU TREE SPROUT I BREATHE YOUR OUT-BREATHE


1 day ago

shannon h.

@CephiYumi I've watched too much Freelance Astronauts NOT to do it almost all the time. Only other thing I THINK I… https://t.co/NTYMEWQPO7


1 day ago


i'm over here playing pokemon and watching 2 best friends it's like i'm 13 again watching freelance astronauts


2 days ago

Mid West Radio

@SeanDefoe Can we be freelance astronauts?? 😅😅


3 days ago

Tristan Werbe

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ULD0XaKOZy Greatest Mass Effect Let's Play Ever (Freelance Astronauts)


1 week ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

SurpriIngly, not #fakenews. Riveting stuff though. Journalism is dead. https://t.co/HzymcFJpV7


17 hours ago

Elon Musk

It is high time that humanity went beyond Earth. Should have a moon base by now and sent astronauts to Mars. The fu… https://t.co/Kzvu6jcAdR


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

The internet enables entrepreneurship on a level playing field. Anyone can become an overnight sensation based on t… https://t.co/i8PWWDiWV8


1 day ago

Bryce Dye ♛

RT @willsommer: Trump supporters on 4Chan and Reddit cheering the net neutrality repeal is some real cows voting for the slaughterhouse typ…


just now

Bryan Hurwitz

@johnblueriggs Mostly my Zelda DS Lite for GBA games. For all other GB games it's my GBA SP. Sometimes PSP or Vida… https://t.co/Ucz3fkDYwF


just now

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