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Netflix and Ants

remember that episode of the freelance astronauts majora's mask lp where they sync the moon impacting termina with… https://t.co/N4rEBvw1WA


6 days ago

Netflix and Ants

I loaded up the freelance astronauts nsmbwii lp because I just remembered that for like 10 episodes either ferr or… https://t.co/qDaXQkiXDX


1 week ago

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Rob Perez

i am never playing dodgeball against LeBron ever https://t.co/Gxwy27UreH


12 hours ago

Walter Shaub

Where‘s the outrage from all the Members of Congress who were vocal about Lynch meeting on a plane with someone who… https://t.co/gI0xVg5z1F


21 hours ago


On tomorrow with @ZaneLowe @Beats1 9am LA / 12pm NY / 5pm UK 📡 Playing a new tune ‘There You Are’ #ICARUSFALLS https://t.co/31VaQIPpnQ


1 day ago


RT @AJuanManBand: when mo bamba starts playing at the club https://t.co/l0B4jUIN0H


just now

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