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Queer Heads and Odd Bodies

@edgedestroys freelance astronauts or bust


4 days ago

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Ana Navarro

In case you’re keeping track, Trump squeezed in declaring a “national emergency” in between weekends playing golf i… https://t.co/ALwLsZsKd8


1 day ago

vir sanghvi

The suicide bomber’s video incites Muslims to rise up against Hindus. It’s clear that the ISI was aiming to create… https://t.co/nXkuzU9Y69


23 hours ago


Now playing Heart's Eyes by #TJDoyleMusic!


just now

Beauty By Danni

@Rushtush Pro Travel Tip: Always pack some clothing in your hand luggage. And if you’re way too concerned like I… https://t.co/AVVdwQPgVO


just now

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