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Jim Bridenstine

JUST IN: @NASA added five American companies to the pool of vendors who will compete to deliver science & technolog… https://t.co/ra61sYlqAJ


8 hours ago

Christina H Koch

Unfathomable science & teamwork. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is an instrument seeking to unlock the mystery of… https://t.co/A66p4NXBvr


13 hours ago

Johnson Space Center

50 years ago, the number of human visitors to the lunar surface doubled. On Nov. 19, 1969, #Apollo12 astronauts Pet… https://t.co/xd3i3cs98N


8 hours ago

Jenni Gritters

RT @roseveleth: People ask me "how can we support freelancers better" a lot. One answer is actually really simple, and free: Respond to our…


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Milky Way (ஆகாஷ்) Akash CARL SAGAN Month NOV 9TH❤

RT @NewSpaceIndia: Glavkosmos: Indian astronauts to start training at Russia’s Gagarin Center in 2020 https://t.co/spQhxOOXDz https://t.co/…


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Chuck Schumer

For the second consecutive week, the U.S. Senate—under Senator Mitch McConnell’s control—didn’t vote on a SINGLE pi… https://t.co/x9sg1G2zAp


1 day ago

Brandon Straka

Hey Patriots- Twitter is playing games again. If twitter dropped you as one of my followers please refollow. And co… https://t.co/m8VJynJYaY


1 day ago

Sam Stein

When you've burned all your credibility on big, medium and petty matters you lose the benefit of the doubt on impor… https://t.co/Er4najsCDC


1 day ago

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#戦プリキープガチャ 開催中★ 毎日無料で最大60連ガチャが引けちゃう!? 今す- ぐお気に入りのキャラを見つけよう! https://t.c- o/TsRSuq732y #戦プリ #DMMGAMES https://t.co/0ksW6k- xoM7


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