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G Snowboard Guide tweets


G마켓 콘서트 'stayG6' 수고하셨습니다 VIP http://t.co/y0Mzx1Gp75


8 years ago

Rude Comedian

What starts with P & ends with orn? Popcorn What starts with F & ends with uck? Firetruck. What starts with G & ends with ay? Justin Bieber


8 years ago

Ramalan Indonesia

VIRGO, Keuangan: Tak ada g perlu dicemaskan karena income masih cukup lancar & banyak sehingga banyak kebutuhan penting yang akan tercukupi.


8 years ago

4 Strikes

frank ocean. tyler. mac miller. earl. flying lotus. mellowhigh. schoolboy q. the internet. trash talk. mike g. taco. games. rides. skatepark


8 years ago

Wretch 32

C̸r̸o̸s̸s̸ e̸v̸e̸r̸y̸ n̸e̸g̸a̸t̸i̸v̸e̸ t̸h̸o̸u̸g̸h̸t̸ o̸u̸t̸


8 years ago

Notebook of Love

S W A G = Someone Who Admires #God


8 years ago

Iyanla Vanzant

What you learn at any given moment will assist and guide you on the path to where you desire to be.


8 years ago