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Gabby Solomon Hunter College tweets

Tweet Like A Girl

can we skip school and college and go to the part where I become a princess.


5 years ago

Country Words

But I don't want good and I don't want good enough, I want can't sleep, can't breathe without you love. -Hunter Hayes


5 years ago

The Google Factâ„¢

Abraham Lincoln Walt Disney Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Henry Ford Thomas Edison Steve Jobs = Had no college degree.


5 years ago


Andrew Wiggins won't play his first college game until Nov. 8. A month before, he's on the cover of @SInow. http://t.co/ryvZgpAAAZ


5 years ago

College Student

College without naps will kill you


5 years ago

Sarcastic Stewie

Things I NEVER learned in school: how to: pay bills buy a home apply for college but thank God I can graph a polynomial function


5 years ago

Darren Criss

What I wouldn't have given for Coolio to stop by MY place when I was in college. We would've known all the words. http://t.co/axE3iSjg1N


5 years ago