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Gail Reeves Reid tweets

Senator Ted Cruz

We're in a shutdown for one reason. Harry Reid wants a shutdown. He won't talk or negotiate #HarryReidsShutdown https://t.co/QDftoSgodc


5 years ago

Washington Post

Reid's letter to Republicans: I hated the Iraq war, but I didn't vote to defund it http://t.co/4MjsFM62p3 http://t.co/XgH81emjGo


5 years ago

SC Not Top Ten

Here Andy Reid, have a Snickers... http://t.co/QHCEmAXDdS


5 years ago

Speaker John Boehner

CNN asked Sen. Reid if he would support House #NIH bill. His answer has to be seen to be believed: http://t.co/qAUHU9QtNY


5 years ago

Jedediah Bila

Boehner confirms that Reid will not negotiate. House, don't blink. They're counting on you to bend. Don't do it. http://t.co/1c223vDQJD


5 years ago


Harry Reid is choosing not to help a child with cancer. http://t.co/h7dPFuKdlr… Disgusted yet? http://t.co/ijz7K7HsSt


5 years ago


ICYMI, @SenatorReid can't believe people say he doesn't care about kids with cancer just because that's what he said http://t.co/KXamBfcJgs


5 years ago