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Gano Excel Coffee Videos tweets

Niall Horan

Goodmorning! 5 hours sleep later and here I am! Would love a coffee!


7 years ago


HERE IT IS! 'Recreating My old Videos' Please be sure to Like/Comment and most of all I hope you enjoy it > http://t.co/bRqi3PmJ1U


7 years ago


A Starbucks "grande" sized coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, over four times the amount found in a Red Bull.


7 years ago

Gerard Way

Still buzzing from last night. Eager to get back out there and do some singing,dancing,painting,chat- ting, meeting,signing, drinking coffee


7 years ago

Ray Narvaez, Jr

#RealTalk. If you don't like our videos then don't watch them. Nobody is forcing you to watch them. Why watch something that'll upset you?


7 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

3 kopi andalan Starbucks di Seattle, Amerika Serikat yaitu Sumatera, Java Mocha dan Toraja Coffee.


7 years ago

Boca Juniors ⑫

Boca y Riber jugaron 343 partidos; de los cuales Boca ganó 126, perdió 109 y empataron 108. 462 goles a favor, 409 en contra. #HijosNuestros


7 years ago