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Gentu Ve Flandrech tweets

Liam Payne

Well that was the quickest shopping trip ever think I've come to realise public shopping places are a bad choice #OnlineShoppingForLife


7 years ago

Calum Hood

.@nxrrys5sos heard you've been going through a tough time. Stay strong sweetie! x


7 years ago

Because I'm a Guy

We've all lost a good bro to a girl... R.I.P Old Friend.


7 years ago

Notebook of Love

At the end of year, the question is... if I die tomorrow, will I be happy with what I've done with my life?


7 years ago

Melis Beken

NIKE ve ADİDAS ayakkabılar 49 tl CONVERSE ayakkabılar 39 tl PUMA ve TIGER ayakkabılar 49 tl !! http://t.co/luaegcQW21


7 years ago

Olly Murs

Think I've over packed haha... Actually I'm more overweight than the luggage at the moment... #Oversized http://t.co/Sq0L7i4KmH


7 years ago


Once they've given their hearts, #Virgos go to the extra mile to do what pleases their lover and will aim to be their lovers everything.


7 years ago