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George Zeller Born Again Church tweets

Union J

RETWEET if you think we should do a HUGE follow spree on this account this evening!!!!!!!! Haven't done one in a while ! George and Josh x


6 years ago

Common White Girl

i hate how ur born out of nowhere forced to go 2 school then get a job & work endless hours like this isnt fair wat if i wanted to be a duck


6 years ago

Pope Francis

We do not become Christians by ourselves. Faith is above all a gift from God which is given to us in and through the Church.


6 years ago


Kids born today will spend about 25% of their lives looking at screens.


6 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

Anyone fancy a snog? I've just got some from the shop with George and it's unreal. Hmmmmmmm


6 years ago

Sheldon Jokes!

Kids born in 2000 never have to worry about forgetting how old they are


6 years ago

Sorry Not Sorry!

I live for two reasons. 1) I was born. 2) I haven't died yet.


6 years ago