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Gh Voltage Universal Turbo Bec tweets

Gemma Styles

I hereby vote we move to a universal time zone system, eliminating jet lag and also this hideous nausea. All in favour?


5 years ago

Girl Code

we need a universal hand signal for "my parents don’t know about that"


5 years ago

The Vamps

Excited to meet some American fans at City Walk, Universal City, Los Angeles today at 2pm


5 years ago

50 Sombras de Grey

Universal Pictures y Focus Features han anunciado que Charlie Hunnam ya NO SERÁ Christian Grey en la próxima película 50 Sombras de Grey.


5 years ago

Michael Ausiello

Charlie Hunnam drops out of 50 SHADES due to his "immersive TV schedule," per Universal. Hmmm... Not sure I'm buying what they're selling.


5 years ago


"Turbo" trata de un caracol que va y derrapa.


5 years ago

El Universal

Pierde Juan Manuel Márquez por decisión dividida ante Timothy Bradley


5 years ago