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Ghost Pepper tweets

Jah Semut 2

Really want to do the ghost pepper challenge la sia


8 years ago

Chris Hussey

@AdamRichman Tried the Ghost Pepper at the weekend - wow! I didn't think it'd be that hot... But delicious!


8 years ago

Yaser Abdallah

Eating a Ghost Chili Pepper (Naga/Bhut Jolokia) with severe consequences http://t.co/c2JOITpp


8 years ago

Chase Richards

I liked a @YouTube video from @chuckbronx http://t.co/u6MKBgka Chuck From The Bronx: The Ghost Pepper Challenge AKA The Bhut


8 years ago

Miguel Villanueva

@Laawwrrr @ItsMeAceTweeet Try mo yung baking soda vinegar challenge tska ghost chilli pepper :) =)))


8 years ago

Lavada Rybij

Only one pepper in the entire world supersedes the Bhut Jolokia ghost chili pepper in its heat intensity.


8 years ago

Michael Cope

@kLFCreds that's what I had for dinner...sourdough toast, strawberry jelly and ghost pepper salsa.


8 years ago