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Girls Flaps tweets

Tyler Smith

@KarinneSmith @a_mo253 @airmet @okay_dave @macrichards baby girls' flaps, gettin they're clap on... Ya never know.


6 years ago


RT @californarry: this one goes out to all you harry girls http://t.co/SfBQRZ7v


6 years ago

Phoebe Ykema

2 girls 5 drinks #isthishowyouinstagram #whitegirlcaffeinated bum_flaps @ Starbucks http://t.co/eVAUEvUf


6 years ago


@marmitebadger *highly excited* are you there? Is it real? Ooooo ME WANT TO SEE IT :D *flaps hands around, like girls do*


6 years ago

Joseph Bristow

@SalaciousCarol flaps on my wings, flats on my girls


6 years ago

gabriella montez

Girls that wear a tshirt that just covers their fanny flaps, take a picture and set it as their twitter icon, hi wh0re


6 years ago

Liam Keen

Just realised how much Advent calenders & Girls have in common... I rip their flaps right open no what day of the month it is! #NaughtyKeeno


6 years ago