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Greek Hip Hop Shop tweets


Realising you've entered the wrong shop and having to pretend to look around for a bit


5 years ago

5 years ago


It still trips me out hearing Miley on hip-hop radio stations lmaoooooo - I'M IN DA CLUB HIGH AWF PURP WIFF MUH SHADES AWN ^.^


5 years ago

Jimmy Carr

That stolen Greek girl is getting her own TV show. My Big Fat Greek Gypsy Parents.


5 years ago

Charlamagne Tha God

Love & Hip Hop NY definitely looks better than last season. Last season was garbage......


5 years ago

Ugly People Problems

attractive people wearing sweats to a shop: cute you wearing sweats to a shop: homeless


5 years ago

Peter Jennings

Love and Hip Hop will have you thinking everybody you talk to is a cheater .


5 years ago