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Grotto Grip tweets


Mabel Matiz nasıl grip olmuşsa adamın yıllardır sesi hasta gibi çıkıyor.


5 years ago

Unrevealed Secrets™

Your fingers get wrinkly in water because it makes it easier to grip things underwater and pick up wet objects.


5 years ago

Mysterious Fact

Our fingers get wrinkly in water because wrinkled fingers can give us stronger grip on slippery objects underwater.


5 years ago

Historical Pictures

Members of Robert F. Scott's expedition to south pole inside an ice grotto with Terra Nova ship in the distance. 1911 http://t.co/QXq0pcBEPL


5 years ago

Nike Running

Engineered to grip the Earth and free your soul. Get closer to nature. Nike Terra Kiger. #niketrailrunning http://t.co/mVW0kYcotw


5 years ago

Muhammet Akdemir

Grip olunca ben ; http://t.co/hCQQFMawN7


5 years ago

Reuters Business

Telefonica strengthens grip on Telecom Italia: source http://t.co/2HV2xF09sH


5 years ago