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Growing Ginger tweets

julie julia

RT @MizMysha: My ginger crestapoo Is only 5 months old but little Carmine is growing up http://t.co/GT6kuCVf


8 years ago

Daniel Bailess

So through laziness I have been growing a beard. Not a good one, I am still a child. Anyway, it grows GINGER!


8 years ago

Scott Darwon

RT @MrMattRobinson: Just saw one of those gingers that's like a real ginger with tons of freckles and I didn't pants him or pie his face ...


8 years ago

ces perez

@ginger_deguia okay lang yan.. growing kid! :))


8 years ago


@vell4Short my cousin for sure has a ginger beard and is not a redhead in the slightest bit. and my mom had a thumb growing outta her thumb.


8 years ago

Olivia DeMatteo

@NinaLangan I know the little baby is growing up.. and the ginger has his own neighborhood gang now. Its not ok


8 years ago

kristi erica ann.

growing out my ginger roots until after christmas. sue me. http://t.co/V3YHUuNZ


8 years ago