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Michael Clifford

Met these 3 at the EB expo! Including pikachu http://t.co/mPj1IKUEGI


7 years ago

Dear #oomf ...

When I first met #oomf, I never realized how much they would end up meaning to me.


7 years ago

Teen Quotes!

have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadn’t met a certain person in your life, your life would be completely different?


7 years ago

Disney Words

It would have been better if we’d never met, none of this would’ve happened. –Pocahontas


7 years ago


Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.


7 years ago

My Love ❤

Right now someone you haven't met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you.


7 years ago


Si toi aussi quand tu met la table et qu'il y a un couvert sale, tu le met à tes frères/soeurs.


7 years ago