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Haine Vintage Bucuresti tweets

내게 중독돼 봐 Like Caffeine. เสพติดผมเลยสิครับ ให้เหมือนกับคาเฟอีนเลยนะ♡ ( vintage - jieun f.t. zelo )


6 years ago


Meet the West London teenager who owns so much vintage clothing that she's actually gone back in time by an hour


6 years ago


qtos hipsters são necessários para trocar 1 lâmpada? 2, um pra trocar e o outro pra fotografar, aplicar 1 efeito vintage e postar no tumblr


6 years ago

BBC News (World)

Video: Vintage plane makes emergency landing on Florida highway, after pilot realised he wouldn't make runway http://t.co/ZXRyUiIUzj


6 years ago


http://t.co/lxLd2JyPl7 - Highlights UCL: Steaua Bucuresti 0-4 Chelsea | Share with your friends


6 years ago

LECK → #JeSuisVous

Merci à ceux qui me soutiennent au jour le jour. Vous êtes de + en + et ça fout de + en + la haine à certains... On s'lâche plus insh'Allah


6 years ago

Forever Friends

Forever Friends 'Vintage' mug & keyring giveaway closes at 5pm today. Keep those retweets a-comin' for a chance to WIN! x #FFwin


6 years ago