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Half Time Drink tweets

Amirah M

@WizKhalinda lol drink tea next time! now that i say that, i might just drink some chamomile tea & be out w/in a half hr lol


6 years ago


And maybe if I just drink half i'll be half buzzed for half the time. Whose the mastermind behind that little line?


6 years ago

Bryan Chan

@DanielKimYS @Jeremychung96 you guys drink half next time i go, i drink :D


6 years ago

thomas rodriguez

@LynsieAnne @kellyboyee actually im not drinking I swear. Haven't had a drink since half time. :)


6 years ago

Steve Vas

@pechinkspeaks @TheHarshMansays I worry about you. When I have worry time.#notoften drink like a half celebrity.


6 years ago

Margaret Greene

@ryan_crohnsguy I usually only have to drink half a gallon & I'm good. Bit I always do it on time. Never late like this. Can't do movi, it


6 years ago

Call Me Reese

And maybe if I just drink half I'll be half buzzed for half of the time. Now who's the mastermind behind that little rhyme?


6 years ago