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Story Of My Life

That annoying moment when people only respond to the last part of your text, and leave the first and middle parts unanswered.


10 years ago

Fakta Bukan Auta

Semalam tengok wayang dgn jantan lain. Malam ni lepak dataran dgn jantan. Betul org kata, harga minyak makin mahal, harga diri makin murah.


10 years ago

Anwar Hadi

Benarkah harga minyak nak naik lagi? Kalau benar, memang BN dah takmaw jadi Federal Government dah lepaihni ka macam mana?


10 years ago

Alicia Keys

Brazil, Argentina and Chile! You have lifted me up! Your love and passion is so genuine! http://t.co/NB3wdwtnUo


10 years ago

The Associated Press

Body parts found in suburban Detroit sewer may be improperly disposed medical waste, police say: http://t.co/kFxlKeM5a4 -KH


10 years ago

Christina Cimorelli

Why does it seem so hard to find trustworthy, loyal and genuine people? Where are they all hiding?


10 years ago


#Sagittarius will be genuine with you after you become open and honest with them.


10 years ago