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Drake The Type Of

Drake the type who would pick up a soccer ball and say "You don't deserve to be kicked around like this"


6 years ago

Not Will Ferrell

When you're picking a name for your kid, type it into Microsoft Word first. If the red squiggly line shows up, please reconsider.


6 years ago

Men's Humor

Spellcheck? I just type the words into Google and see if it corrects me.


6 years ago


#Leo's are the type of people who try to fall back asleep in the morning just to finish a dream


6 years ago


She's the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you & smile


6 years ago

Arsenal FC

If you liked those pictures, check out more on our Facebook page by clicking here - https://t.co/gsS9a8ciWu #BORvAFC http://t.co/XYKvYL1R9d


6 years ago

Snapchat Problems

I hate when you run out of space to type on Snapchat and then you have to make a horrible attempt to write the rest below it.


6 years ago