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Herne Rock Roll Weltmeister tweets

ONE OK ROCK_official

ONE OK ROCK SPECIAL SITE "LIVE MEMORIES"を期間限定でオープン! 今年、全国6ヶ所- にて開催されたアリーナツアー、再びその地で何かが起きる! - http://t.co/xUIowfX4lW


5 years ago

Hunter Moore

Things I love twice as much when drunk: Taco Bell. Office chairs that roll.


5 years ago


do u ever just wake up and go “nope” and roll over and go back to sleep


5 years ago

Biliyor muydunuz

Dünyanın en iyi restoran zincirlerinden Hard Rock Cafe İstanbul’da açılıyor: 120 kişilik işe alım seçmeleri başladı http://t.co/lWTC78LwUk


5 years ago

Michelle Malkin

On a roll! MT @toddstarnes: With Dept of Education closed - kids will be able to pray, eat meat and learn about American Exceptionalism.


5 years ago

Very Short Story

Ty softly tossed a pebble at Wendy’s window. In return, a large rock hit him squarely in the head. He would take that as a ‘no’.


5 years ago

Cleveland Indians

Tribe fans: #RockYourRed on Wednesday! We're encouraging all fans to wear red to the AL Wild Card Game. More info: http://t.co/XBkiuH8aO4


5 years ago