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Hot Water Heat tweets


Hot water & styling tools swell the cuticle, letting color escape. Lower the temp & use a heat protecting spray #AdvancedHaircare


5 years ago


@__Shannanigans no, not even a little bit! Wash it in hot water and dry on high heat.


5 years ago

Ms. Emma

@DarkAshes95 Try running a wash cloth under HOT water and wrapping it around your neck. The heat really helps relax tense muscles.


5 years ago

Rick Cusack

I decide to surprise @maddycusack941 by getting jets/heat going in the hot tub & go 2 Sm Grp. I come home... all the water is gone. What??


5 years ago

@MomaDelRey I have them made in the fridge (they can stay refrigerated for 24 hrs), heat it up in a cup of hot water, then give it to her


5 years ago


@WWGwynethDo Our tees are pre-shrunk but if you use hot water and high heat it can shrink a bit more. The Ryans are hand wash cold only.


5 years ago

Ken MacClune

RT @brianlong: We finally had our heat / hot water restored on Saturday night. Please support a town not as lucky: http://t.co/jnN3H7RtI9 #…


5 years ago