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Hotel Annaberg tweets

Niall Horan

Thanks for being so calm at the hotel! We get t take pictures with u guys ! And the police and hotel security don't stop it!


5 years ago

Real Madrid C. F.

Sergio Ramos y Nacho firmaron autógrafos en el hotel de concentración http://t.co/27flDypNBw #realmadrid #halamadrid


5 years ago

Anthony Stokes

Lying in bed in the hotel and I can hear izzaguire singing a Celtic song walking down the hall in broken english lol


5 years ago

I'm just picturing liam staring out of his hotel window really angrily and muttering snake habitat to himself I can't breathe


5 years ago

Life Hack TIps

If you're at a hotel that uses a Nokia TV system, enter 2-2-1-down arrow-and hold "ok" on the remote to access free movies


5 years ago

Freddie Wong

Ladies call me hotel internet because I'm overpriced, too slow, and constantly forgetting who you are.


5 years ago


NOTES FROM THE OUTERNET PHOTO: Some friends outside the hotel in Rio - http://t.co/e5WzsRJHmP #NFTO


5 years ago