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How To Cancel tweets

Inkie. (:

I just want an honest answer. @NickelodeonTV Why did you cancel How To Rock?


7 years ago

Timmy Selenski

This twitter thing is beyond me. I have no idea how to work this. Might cancel and go to myspace. I think it's more popular anyway...


7 years ago

Jenny .. ♥

@WeirdLeslie5 you made plans and decided to cancel them yourself ? Yeah I see how it isn't your fault


7 years ago

alice mcgregor

@kady @PnP_CBC How about - the F35 file is such a mess = why ahould we think Cnooc nexen is any different - but impossible to cancel!


7 years ago

Courtney Hutchinson

If they cancel #BuckWild I will be so mad! People want to complain, but in all honesty that's how most people in WV act..


7 years ago

jake martin

If only I knew how to cancel my horoscope...


7 years ago


Great just cancel my contact backup and don't know how to do it back


7 years ago