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How To Draw Hands tweets


To make the artwork of "It's Mr. Pants" look more childish, Rare had the artists draw all of the game's artwork with their left hands.


5 years ago

Brooke Bailey

@jnsdancer you can draw turkeys with hands!


5 years ago

Bridget Brown

Hands just asked me to draw a sheep for her... In French.... @kelsey_craig4


5 years ago

David T. ダビデ

@3sankyuu9 ahh drawing hands is so difficult for me D= i still can't do it xDD instead i draw circles ...or hide 'em xD


5 years ago

Ryan Voeller

Gah, I can't draw hands to save my life... Plus, I'm trying to draw a girl for the first time ever... #ArtistProbs #NextLevel #TheStruggle


5 years ago

insane yosain

I can't even draw rn my hands are shaking omg


5 years ago