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How To Get Green Grass Turf tweets

Andrew Lundstrom

They need to get some turf grass majors up in Neyland Stadium. Green painted sand base??? Are you kidding me? #Dawgsontop #injuries


10 years ago

Aztec Landscaping

Putting green and sand traps! This is a fantastic yard. #golfing #turf #grass #sod #puttinggreen #deckā€¦ http://t.co/tw3ByyUl16


10 years ago

Rhett Hutchins

@marychandler @RJHutchPhoto is it bad that I'm really glad that the turf piece isn't 40 shades of green darker then the grass anymore?


10 years ago

Kyle Semann

If grass was blue and the sky was green, Boise State's smurf turf would be normal and ever one else would look like the weirdos.


10 years ago


Many people think that because natural grass and artificial turf are both green and referred to as turf, that... http://t.co/VUF9XecvrR


10 years ago

Jeremy Ruane

@thekiwicanary @EnzoGiordani Grounds at Rotorua, Palmy, Dunedin, Cambridge & Whangarei are grass. Parrs, ASB, Petone & Wlm Green are turf.


10 years ago