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How To Play Basketball tweets

Zach Lowe

Breaking news: There are three basketball games tonight, in which basketball teams will play basketball against each other. Basketball!


6 years ago

Michael Scott

These #NBAPlayoffs have me wanting to play basketball real bad. Anyone in? #whatiswrongwithmetoday http://t.co/v4GnnzV277


6 years ago

Leslie Chow

Guy 1: You're tall, Do you play basketball?, Guy 2: You're short, Do you work for Willy Wonka.


6 years ago


For the 3rd time in RM's history, the football and basketball teams will play their respective European Cup finals in the same season.


6 years ago

Marcin Gortat

I'm glad we won this match up! Chicago is a great team! They made us play our best basketball this year.


6 years ago

Larry Williams

Just got word Pete Yanity is out after 11 years as Clemson's football/men's basketball play-by-play man. https://t.co/c0fu2joiuC


6 years ago

shannon sharpe

If we wanna use a basketball term. This is a 4 pt play down by 3 with no time on the clock gm 7 Nba finals. Kudos to the Commish.


6 years ago