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Huanchaco Surf Prices tweets

Josh Devine

Nothing better than an early morning surf.. Now time for breakky


6 years ago

Wall Street Journal

Chocolate prices are rising due to cocoa bean shortage and stronger demand for dark chocolate http://t.co/LUeLSgcRj8


6 years ago

rob delaney

Martha & I are *friends with benefits* if you catch my drift ;) (We share books, she’s teaching me to surf & I show her new recipes!)


6 years ago

Flat Tummy

I just need nike to lower their prices to about 1$


6 years ago

6 years ago

The Economist

The use of the term "bubble" has grown so fast and loose that nearly any sustained rise in prices gets the label http://t.co/mEUpcl3qte


6 years ago

Pooch Flair

Moral of the story: if you gonna swag surf in front of people make sure you're checking their pockets as you surf


6 years ago