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Huches Roper Hall tweets

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Yoko Ono menyumbangkan banyak barang John Lennon untuk Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, termasuk kacamata berlumur darah saat John ditembak.


9 years ago

Soccer Guy

Can the Soccer Cannons blow up the Hall of Thorns with their explosive soccer plays? Can Wes Brown's Albion be pricks in their sides? #EPL


9 years ago

noel fieldmouse

Just opened my front door Kanye was standing there. He had a door in his chest. I walked through it now I'm in some kind of grand hall x


9 years ago


「鈴木は宿題やったのか?」 『はいっ!』 「勝手に喋る- な。廊下に立ってろ。」 英文:「Suzuki,did you do the home work?」 『Yes!』 「Don't talk without my permission.stand in a hall.」


9 years ago

Dan Le Batard Show

Hall Of Famer Troy Aikman had only ONE season with as many TDs as Peyton Manning has this minute


9 years ago

EMI Records Japan

【ストレイテナー】メジャーデビューからちょうど10年目とな- る10月16日(水)、全国ツアーの金沢EIGHT HALL公演より、アンコールをUSTREAMにて独占生中継- !お見逃しなく☆http://t.co/wrkuo65wov http://t.co/vUeGPO3kvU


9 years ago

Florent Mothe

Arrived In Moscow!!! Tuesday night Mozart l'opéra rock at Kremlin and wednesday night solo concert at Moscow hall!


9 years ago