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I Hate Tobuscus tweets

Jorge Luna

@Net_Pork Which I why I hate Tobuscus


4 years ago

4 years ago

A Credit to Dementia

@Tobuscus_Person @ThatOneAwolGirl I hate you all.


4 years ago

toby turner ☮

I really hate parties but when there's cute boys who like tobuscus i am game ygm


4 years ago

sp00ky rick grimes

@Tobuscus_Person but i don't hate you


4 years ago

Germán Ek Gamboa

@Tobuscus_Person I have a girlfriend now. I'm sorry little one, I don't hate you though.


4 years ago

abby hey

why do people like me one second and then the next they hate me? Oh yeah I'm annoying


4 years ago