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I Heard You Say Hey Hey tweets


"hey i heard you have a twitter account dedicated to that one direction boy band" http://t.co/3B4dxdJ6JC


8 years ago

yung alimony

hey girl I heard you like Bad Boys. what about Bad Boys II? personally I wasn't wild about will smith's performance.


8 years ago

Agnes Monica

Hey i heard that people are saying bout me doing something tonight???? Like what i said, i'll give u the official news here.


8 years ago

Ahmed Mohsen

Hey iPhone users, I heard you can download IOS7 silently, we're not interested to know whether you downloaded it or not.


8 years ago

Hassachi Ryda

“@LateyshaValleys: @HRyda hey ! You good”....<> how u been I haven't heard from you


8 years ago

David Portnoy

Hey @NBC10 I heard you're sending a narc to try and buy Molly tonight. Don't wear a reggae hat. It will give you away


8 years ago

Theron Humphrey

Hey. Lets go create great stuff y'all. I mean honestly. Lets go take some badass photos and tell stories no one has ever heard


8 years ago