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can u not

things that make me cry: - math - getting yelled at - people - school actually basically everything idk why i started making a list


6 years ago


Gaon Top 15 Female Albums 2013: #1 SNSD (IGAB) #2 f(x) (Pink Tape) #3 A Pink #4 Sistar #5 T-araN4 #6 SNSD (2011 Tour) http://t.co/XHm4JMKAz9


6 years ago

YG Family

[Top 6 "DO YOU LOVE ME LIP VIDEO" Event Videos] "DO YOU LOVE ME LIP VIDEO" chosen by #2NE1! http://t.co/JGWHTeRie5 http://t.co/zhBlNyMCLo


6 years ago


국정원은 여전히 화교남매가 간첩이라고 말합니다.또 누가 간첩이 될지 모르죠. 애니메이션 다큐 '자백이야기'를 보시고, 주변에도 권해주세요. 국정원으로부터 우리를 지키는 길입니다. http://t.co/M4W7yiG9Bm @youtube 에서


6 years ago

The New York Times

A full list of 2013 Emmy Awards winners http://t.co/ZyaaqbxnZz


6 years ago

Cassandra Clare

Photo: As of last week, the Mortal Instruments has been on the New York Times list for two years.... http://t.co/y9rTC6K1Sk


6 years ago

LuvUJennette Mccurdy

My Trainer is mad at me because I gained weight. She gave me a list of healthy foods to eat so I added them to what I was already eating - G


6 years ago