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Illinios State Wrestling tweets

ESPN CollegeFootball

BCS Standings #5-1 5 Missouri 4 Ohio State 3 Oregon 2 Florida State 1 Alabama http://t.co/Y3WUIpQbK8


10 years ago


The Michigan State vs. Michigan game will now start at 3:30. Tailgates just got that much better.


10 years ago

Bleacher Report

BCS Standings: 1. Alabama 2. Florida State 3. Oregon 4. Ohio State 5. Missouri Full Rankings: http://t.co/USI9X0xPkz


10 years ago

Steve Stifler

If you knock on my door and I say “yeah” it doesn’t mean “Come on in!” it means “stay where you are and state your business.”


10 years ago

Female Pains

putting on your bra when your skin is wet is like wrestling with satan


10 years ago

CNN Breaking News

Suicide bombing suspected in deadly bus explosion in Russia, authorities tell state-run TV. http://t.co/zJlmZ5TP9U


10 years ago

Huffington Post

Boy Scout leaders destroy 200-million-year-old rock formation in state park, then laugh about it http://t.co/S1QcguQxNE


10 years ago